Zion Williams sees interest in surprising NBA team



June draft closing in and all eyes are on the Duke-star Zion Williams who has been hot on the media ayes with a Lebron-like intensity. Unlike the 3-time NBA Champion, an under the radar team seems to be the apple of the eye for Williams according to his stepdad, Lee Anderson.

“We’re excited [about coming to New Orleans],” Anderson told the “Off the Bench” radio show on 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge on Thursday. “We’re excited about that.”

Following rumors of a second year at Duke, the star puts all his faith in his talent and brings his game to the big courts of the NBA.

“And you said about returning to Duke … there has been a lot of speculation, but that is nothing that we have even considered,” Anderson said.

Williamson and his family have been in contact with the Pelicans and are planning the next steps with the team.

“I spoke with Coach [Alvin] Gentry the other night [Tuesday] and we met with [vice president of basketball operations] Mr. Griffin, David Griffin, and then I spoke with him again last night [Wednesday],” Anderson said. “We had a great conversation and we’re excited about the prospects of coming down there and getting settled and looking for a place to stay and all of these good things.”

Analysts predicted the young star’s fit with the Knicks in New York or even with the Hawks of Atlanta.

“One thing that Zion has always been taught, you accept the things you can’t change, you change the things that you can change, and this is one of the things that he had nothing to do with,” Anderson said. “It’s the process of the NBA.”

If the draft goes as Williams’ stepdad predicts, Williams will be playing with All-Star Anthony Davis, the Pelicans went 33-49 last seasons and missed the playoffs. They were coming off a 48-34 campaign and a loss in the Western Conference semifinals, so high hopes went down the drain. And the Davis saga has still not been resolved. But New Orleans now has the prospect of adding the college player of the year to entice him to stay.

Anderson was asked if Williamson’s decision not to sign with an agent or ink a shoe deal meant that the family was leaving open the possibility of a return to school.

“We just feel that there’s no real rush to do this right now,” he told the radio show. “You don’t get many opportunities in life to have the leverage and the opportunity to control your own narrative, so therefore we feel like we are in a position right now to do that, and we just want to make sure when we do whatever it is that we do, it’s the right decision. … We just want to make sure we do it right.”


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