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The Debt Scam

by the Maharlikan Prince   l  Straight to the Fact

It is impossible to understand the global conspiracy unless we appreciate the background of the world money system. This is not taught in the schools and no smart-suited economist or correspondent on the television news will tell you the truth, either. Some of them don’t know what is going on because they have been conditioned to believe nonsense by the education system, while others simply don’t want you to know. The foundations of the manipulation toward a world government, army, bank and currency are built on the excellent con trick we call the banking system. Once people understand the way this works, it is easy to see how a few can control the lives of everyone else. It is worth repeating and expanding here on what I had said. The banks are given the power to ‘create’ money, by which they mean ‘creating’ non-existent money known as credit. This costs them nothing, but the moment this credit is brought into academic existence the banks can start to charge interest on it. This is the system that controls everyone’s life. But it goes further than that. When you take out a loan, the bank ‘creates’ credit for the size of the loan, say P50,000. If only, in theory, that is ‘new’ money. But you are not going to pay back the only P50,000, because you have to pay interest on that loan. The interest has not been ‘created’ by the bank, but it still has to be found from somewhere. So where? From the wealth and credit already circulating in the world. In this way, since this crazy banking system began, the real wealth of the planet has been sucked into the banking system as the interest paid on every loan to every person, business, and government. This has allowed them to lend even more non- existent money on the back of that and get the world even deeper in debt. The wealth and credit-loaning capacity they have accumulated is beyond knowledge, far more than that of the United States, the richest country in the world. In fact, they own the United States, as they own almost every other country in the world. The bankers have used this wealth and credit mountain to buy and control the global oil companies, multinationals of every kind, the media, the armament companies, the drug companies, the politicians, the political ‘advisors’, and almost everything else they need to control the world. The same few people and families own a lot! They hide this truth behind the front organizations, the nexus of companies, and the puppet directors, and they are supported in their desire for secrecy by the useless media and the education system. The Rockefellers and Rothschilds alone control an incredible network of banks, oil companies, multinational corporations, airlines, and scores of other organizations.

The Rockefeller/Rothschild Chase Manhattan Bank has enough power by itself to fire up a global financial panic. In 1995 the Chase combined with Chemical Bank which had already absorbed Manufacturers Hanover. The concentration of power is incredible. But the true controllers of these empires are hidden from public view by frontmen, trusts, foundations, and companies. The Rockefellers’ ability to hide the magnitude of their power is extraordinary. But with the Rothschilds, it borders on genius.

Stack of US dollars into a trap. Clipping path included.

Particularly since the Second World War, they have wanted to promote an image of a decreasing power operating outside of the big league. Nonsense. They are the big league along with other elements of the Global Elite.

According to the New World Order researcher, Eustace Mullins, the Rothschilds use the code ‘City’ and ‘First City’ in North America to indicate banks under their influence from the City of London. He says these include First City Properties, First City Financial Corporation of Vancouver, First City Trust of Edmonton, and First City Development Ltd, which are all headed by Samuel Belzberg. Much of the coordination is communicated through Rothschild Inc., of Rockefeller Plaza, New York, according to Mullins. The Rothschilds also operate through a Canadian company known as Power Corp which in turn connects with the Hollinger Group, the Canadian publishing empire owned by the elite Bilderberger, Conrad Black. The Hollinger Group controls a line of publications worldwide, including the London-based Telegraph newspapers, and its international advisors are Henry Kissinger and Lord Carrington, chairman of the Bilderberg Group, former British cabinet minister, and a cousin of the Rothschild family. (These two formed their own company, Kissinger Associates.) This secret interlinking of power in banking, politics, and the media allows the same few individuals to promote the same policy through a host of obviously unconnected institutions and organizations.

By controlling the creation of credit, the bankers can cause booms and busts, nationally and internationally, whenever they wish to broaden their ambitions. An economic depression is not caused by a collapse in the demand for goods and services. People do not decide that they no longer want jobs done or articles produced. An economic depression is caused when there are not enough pieces of paper and electronic ‘money’ in circulation to pay for those goods and services. And who controls the amount of money-credit in circulation? The banks. If they want to cause depression for hidden motives, as in pre-war Germany and the US, they take measures which reduce the amount of money in circulation. They reduce the number of loans they make and raise interest rates.


This also earns a huge reward for the major (Global Elite) banks. People still have to pay the interest on loans taken out before the manufactured economic collapse and if they fail to pay, the banks take their property and increase by hundreds of thousands the number of farms, businesses, and homes they own. And with every payment of interest by those who continue to pay their loans during a depression, more money is being taken out of circulation and not recycled back into the economy, thus increasing the depression.



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