Tamiya announces Mini 4WD ‘Dyipne’ model for Pinoy enthusiasts


No stream-lines, no racing curves and no stopping for passengers, world-renowned Tamiya Incorporated pays homage to Philippine culture with the addition of the “Dyipne” model set to launch on June 6 right on the day of the Tamiya Asia Cup 2019.

Little known fact for Tamiya hobbyists and fanatics, the car models whether it be the 1/24 scale and even the 4WD series has its box marked in small letters with “Made in the Philippines” right on the city of Cebu.

For the Dyipne model, Tamiya has issued its construction to contain the iconic FM-A chassis that well-suited the Jeepney figure as the chassis bulks the front end of the plastic model giving more balance to the long rectangular shape of the Pinoy custom.

The Dyipne will be the third limited edition model kits made for the Philippine market, its contemporaries, the Strato Vector Lil’s Hobby Center Limited and the Gun Bluster XTO Philippines Special Edition.

The Dyipne may not be built for the races, but the tribute to the culture and the undeniable Pinoy red flare is unmistakably worth adding to the collection.


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