Tahanang Tamaraw: FEU High School Welcome Fair 2019

Photo taken from the Baby Tams Media (BTM Network) Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/BabyTamsMedia/

By Francis Lean Ocampo, Grade-12 FEU High School Student

Tahanang Tamaraw, which lasted from July 1-5, 2019, is an affair, spearheaded by the FEUHS Student Government, meant to welcome the new set of baby tams to the FEU campus. “In this school year, the theme ‘Tahanang Tamaraw 2019’ was created in order to make the baby tamaraws feel that even if they came from different walks of life, the school can be their new-found home,” said Aiko Ishimura, FEUHS SG Peace and Order Officer.

The welcome fair featured several strand booths where the Baby tams could play and win prizes. The booths — Jomvagin Mo Dzai, Ring Toss, Kakapa Ka Pa Vev, Pinoy Big Tam House, Patalbugan Na, and Cuadro, allowed the students to enjoy their first days in the campus. Several students also showcased their talents in spoken word and singing in the Open Mic stage. A Photobooth — Tatak Station and a booth selling strand pins were also set up along the covered walkway to allow the freshies to feel welcome among the Tamaraws.

The fair had its culmination on its last day with Martsamaraw — a pride march featuring the FEUHS Organizations, MARTSAMARAW. A sea of gold flooded the Far Eastern University (FEU) freedom park as Baby Tamaraws marched together for the Martsamaraw last July 5. Far Eastern University High School (FEUHS) strands and organizations dawned rainbow flags, as they paraded the campus in support of the LGBT community. The FEU Cheer Cadets kicked off the event with heart-pounding beats, as the crowd cheered on, while performances from FEU Harmonic singers, FEU Dance League, Sarimanok Dance Group, FEU HS Music Society, and One Piyu Music hyped up the Baby Tamaraws. The winners of the Tahanang Tamaraw Raffle draws were announced right after the performances. Winners of the Social Media activity were also recognized. The program concluded with the students singing the FEU Hymn as the strand banners were raised, officially ending the welcome fair activities.


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