Swedish embassy takes #RespetoNaman campaign to provinces

By Christia Marie Ramos


A campaign that aims to spread awareness on gender-based violence and encourage victims to speak up is expanding its reach to several provinces.


The #RespetoNaman campaign, the highlight of a media discussion hosted by Swedish Ambassador Harald Fries in his home in Makati on Tuesday, aims to enlighten Filipinos on issues concerning gender-based violence.


The campaign calls for better awareness, change in policy, better practices, and rehabilitation of victims to help eradicate this type of violence in the country.


The Embassy of Sweden in the Philippines, together with the Office of the Vice President; UN Women; Spark! Philippines; EMPOWER; Terre des Hommes; Girls Advocacy; and Para sa Sining, launched the #RespetoNaman campaign in 2018.


Kat Alano, the founder of EMPOWER, said during the discussion that the movement has since made a difference in many parts of the country.


“Other schools and org[anizations] are creating their own initiatives in line with ours and more victims are feeling brave enough to speak up, reach out to us for help, and even offer their own clothes to add to our campaign. This is huge. This is the #MeToo movement we have so desperately needed in our country,” she said.


The #MeToo movement first made waves in the United States in 2017 and served as a platform for victims to step forward and raise awareness against sexual harassment. – INQ


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