Sino Phil Peace donates medical aid to Davao, Philippines

By Rhodora T. Gonzales, Ph.D.


Established in Manila, Philippines, the SINO PHIL ASIA INTERNATIONAL PEACE AWARDS FOUNDATION, INC. is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all humanity.

It was founded by healthcare professionals, academics, artists, journalists, policymakers and philanthropists from around the world with the mission of pooling their collective resources to empower leaders of peace from distinguished individuals to institutions.

The Sino Phil Asia International Peace Foundation donated trans-vaginal sonograms to the Health Department of Davao City and the Southern Philippines Medical Center. 

Presented by Sino Phil Asia International Peace Foundation Chairman Sir Billy Chan, the sonograms will be used to address rural women’s health on Mindanao island. The donations took place at the 112th Anniversary of the Philippine Medical Association in Davao City. Over two-thousand doctors and frontline healthcare providers attended the three-day conference of seminars and scientific symposiums.

Commented Sir Billy Chan, “For five years I have been supporting medical education and the healthcare community of the Philippines. I truly hope these sonograms will benefit the lives of the women and children, as well as the doctors who treat them.”


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