Did you know that Steve Dailisan, a PUP College of Communication (COC) Alumni was a former bass singer of the COC Ensemble and an active journo leader who had a pair of dreams which came true?

Steve dreamt of becoming a successful media personality.  He made a difference in the Philippine media industry and became a multi-awarded broadcast journalist. He was a World Silver Medalist at the 2014 New York Festival and a Finalist at the 2013 Japan Prize for his documentary “Kicks of Hope” (Sipa ng Pagasa) for The Brigade (Brigada), an award winning News and Public Affairs show of GMA News TV.

In 2014, Steve was recognized as a “Fellow” of the prestigious Jaime V. Ongpin Awards for Journalism Excellence.  This is a yearly event organized by the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), aimed at promoting the practice of investigative and explanatory reporting.

Although like every child, Steve has always been fascinated with the flying machines, he confessed he never thought of becoming a pilot since it was too expensive and unrealistic. He knew it was somewhat impossible because his family could hardly afford the aeronautics course. But his media career enabled him to save the much needed financial requirement so he could enroll the pilot course he so desired. This time, Steve is flying as a licensed commercial pilot and living his dream.

When asked for a special message for PUP-COC, this was what Steve said: “I will always be grateful to the COC- Department of Journalism community for equipping me with adequate knowledge and instilling in me the right attitude which helped me reach what was once an unreachable star.”

“On our 18th year, I only wish everyone in COC to remain excellence-driven, united and committed in all our goals because that’s what makes us the College of Champions,” Steve proudly said.






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