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Once upon a wave in Siargao

By: John Christoper Lara | Touchdown Express

Its beauty is worth a motion picture. Each wave that crashes into the shore is like phenomena that only comes once in a thousand years. It’s amazing how it can give countless wonderful memories and experiences that differs from each visit.

 Philippines has a lot if it’s a captivating scenery you are looking for. With its 7,600+ islands, it has plenty of caves, mountains, historic monuments, and of course beaches. Surely, you will find a place you can make thousands of memories of. But there’s Siargao. A place you can visit over and over again.

 Siargao islands is a tear-drop shape island that lies in the province of Surigao del Norte. It holds the record of having the best waves within the country and it attracts surfers from around the world. Its tides is what makes tourists fall in love. As the country’s surfing capital of the Philippines, being able to go here is a dream-come-true not only for surfers but for all who loves spending time with the sea.

Just like every tide that kisses the shore, experiencing Siargao is totally different each time. That is why every visit gives an experience of a lifetime.

 The good thing about going to beaches and spending time by the sea is that you always have a direct connection with nature. There is always a personal interaction every time you walk on the sand or dip into the sea. Surely, what you will feel is something that you haven’t experienced before.

If you’re not into riding the waves and feel what most surfers wish to experience, you can still find a way to enjoy this paradise even when you are just calmly sitting and splashing around.

 image by: www.journeyera.com/things-to-do-in-siargao

 Just imagine how it feels to just watch the sun rise with nothing but the clear blue waters around softly touching your skin as the heat of the early morning sunlight gently takes over. Nothing can seems to feel as perfect in starting a day.

Cloud 9 Pier


image by: www.journeyera.com/things-to-do-in-siargao

This area is said to have the best waves in Siargao. This is widely known and sought after by surfers from all over the world who’s seeking for the best waves to ride.

 Exploring and cliff-diving


 image by: www.journeyera.com/things-to-do-in-siargao

There are a lot of spots in Siargao where you can roam around and just enjoy the surroundings. If you are not a fan of surfing but still fond of swimming, cliff-diving spots may serve as the perfect alternative for you.

Cave pool swimming

 Floating in the darkness for a couple of minutes depicts and makes us experience life on a lighter way showing us that there may be times where it is so dark all we can do is to give in and go with the flow only to discover that in the end, there will be hope and a brighter tomorrow.

 Island hopping

Siargao is composed of a couple of islands you can visit. There’s Guyam Island, Dakku and Naked Island. All of these are filled of things to make yourself busy such as swimming, walking on the beach while looking on the beautiful oasis and sandbar. After a goodtime walk, you can rest and chill on the snackbar and fill yourself with their seafood cuisine.

 Enjoy the Night Life

 Aside from going in and out of water, the night life in Siargao also offers a colorful night life with its bars and clubs where parties usually takes place by around 11pm. The unique thing about Siargao’s Night Parties is that they don’t happen to all bars and clubs at the same time each night. What happens is that the parties happen on different venues every night and if you wish to come, they will just tell you the location and the actual location.

 Discovering secrets

 This is not about conspiracies or hidden treasures. But, more on the beauty of the hidden paradise of hidden islands and beaches like the Guya Beach. This is where you can find small surf break with good intermediate waves. A place for those who want to try surfing somewhere more peaceful and private.

 Watching the Sunset

 At the end of the day, they say it’s best to watch the sun slowly set at the Cloud 9 Pier while sitting on the edge of a hut. Nothing compares to the sight of the burning skies as the largest burning ball of fire vanishes from the horizon. It reminds us that we are all bound to time and that everything ends. So, even after an active and exciting day, even the greatest surfers do retire for a rest. But, there is always a promise of an even greater tomorrow.

You can go to a lot of different similar places all over the Philippines. Different beaches and surfing spots. But, surely, nothing compares to what Siargao has to offer. It has something that goes on a personal level. Experiences that only the ones involved can describe. So, if you are wondering what it’s really like, then it’s for you to find out… 



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