NBA Finals: Raptors CLAW-away Game 1

By Darwin Fernandez

With a final score of 109-118, the Toronto Raptors lead the series taking game 1 from the defending champions, Golden State Warriors.

It was an unfamiliar territory of the boys in white and blue as this round was spent in Jurassic Park, Raptor territory. GSW fans were hopeful as the fifth ‘MonStar’ was to complete the starting five in the return of DeMarcus Cousins after an injury that held him from playing in any of the Play-off games. For the red-shirts, this was a monumental day for the franchise as Toronto is yet to see a championship and was their first time to get past the Eastern Conference.

All eyes were at the Claw, Kawhi Leonard who was the go-to man for the Raptors in their previous playoff match-ups, but for this round, it was Pascal Siakam who owned the paint making a game-high 32 points, just behind Stephen Curry who had 34.

Dramond Green was in full-fight mode with the triple-double that gave the Warriors life all though-out the 4th quarter

It was clean shooting from 3 by Leonard and Danny Green, along with Marc Gasol and Siakam, surprisingly beating the Warriors in 3-point percentage with 39.4% beyond the arc while GSW was held to 38.7%

GSW also lead the night in turn-overs with Draymond Green with 6 and Curry with 3 totaling to 17 Warrior turnovers the whole night.

Points(P) Reounds(R) Assists (A)

Stephen Curry 34-5-5; Klay Thompson 21-5-1; Draymond Green 10-10-10; Andre Iguodala 6-6-7; Jordan Bell 2-3-1

Pascal Siakam 32-8-5; Kawhi Leonard 23-8-5; Marc Gasol 207-1; Danny Green 11-2-1; Kyle Lowry 7-6-9


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