A Filipino inventor has convincingly shown and proved a bare-bones electric vehicle with an 11-kW DC motor running on just one 12-volt battery, which is kept charged via an antenna circuitry that draws electrostatic or radio wave energy from the surroundings. He has also developed a super-efficient repelling force that he wants to adopt into an engine.

A microwave engineer and industrial automation designer, Ismael Aviso presents his Motionless Electric Generator (MEG), stating that it has been powering around 800 Watts of resistive light bulbs while the battery voltage drops very little, which provides energy to the circuit involved in harnessing this radiant energy from the surroundings.

The Department of Energy (DOE) has validated this technology and has published his findings. This inspiring development has gained international attention and has placed him at the most prominent position of a new era in the energy race.

“My technology is ready for demonstration to qualified parties who are ready to help move it forward with the funding and expertise it needs. I’m planning to file patents simultaneously worldwide,” said Aviso.

He hopes to get some funding support from the Philippine government to do proper third party testing. But this isn’t all. There’s more where that came from.

In 2001, Eng. Aviso also discovered and formulated the AVISO WATER, wherein many testimonials have proven that the water is so effective in many diseases ranging from simple colds and even in diabetes and cancer. He was featured in May 2007 at Jessica Soho’s show on GMA after 4 patients with cancer had recovered after drinking Aviso Water.

Mr. CY, health advocate and future business partner of Engr. Aviso said that Engr. Aviso started to study the alkaline water when he was suffering from various sicknesses such as difficulty in urinating due to prostate problem, poor eyesight due to high blood sugar, cough and colds due to weak lungs, and most of all when he started to experience chest pains that he had to sleep on his side.

“It can easily strengthen the immune system when you drink it. It has the Highest Immune System BOOSTER with proven testimony,” said Mr. CY.


Engr. Aviso’s first alkaline ionized water with 8pH made him feel well but his blood sugar stayed high. When he increased it to 9.5pH and continuously took it for three (3) months, his blood sugar went down from 250 to 110.

However, the 9.5pH water tasted like rust. He improved its taste and was able to lower the TDS to 87 while increasing the Dissolved Oxygen and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).

AWP ( Aviso Wellness Protocol ) is a water-based therapy and Aviso water is the best nutrients-support to any kind of protocol to many diseases.

It has special features not found in other Alkaline water sold on the market today. It is HIGHLY-ALKALINE rich in 10.8pH OXYGENATED WATER,14 – 18ppm with small molecules for easy absorption at the cellular level for efficient and effective hydration of the body

“If you value your life…… you still have one chance!!! Try the ultimate cure for all diseases especially cancer at a 95% success rate that is proven and effective.” Engr. Aviso concluded.

Now, thousands of people with various sicknesses have tested the Aviso Water and most of them have restored their health in less than one (1) month.






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