Kuwait OFW Lago-Dayag buried, family still screams justice for unsolved death


Migrant worker Constancia Lago-Dayag, who died on May 15 at a Kuwait hospital was buried on Saturday (June 1) by her family at the public cemetery in Barangay Centro Dos, though her body is rested on country grounds, her family continues to ask for justice and hold those accountable overseas.

The family is waiting for the results of another autopsy conducted by the government before Dayag’s funeral. “We doubt the forensic report from Kuwait so we call on the Philippine government to speed up the filing of charges against the employer,” said Lovely Jane, who burst into tears as she was led away by relatives from the coffin.

She was referring to Bader Ibrahim Mohammad Hussain, who had been charged in a Kuwaiti court for mauling Dayag.

Dayag died when she was brought to the hospital, and initial police reports suggest that her injuries were inflicted during a beating and a sexual assault.

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III, attended the burial and accompanied the family from Dalenat village to the public cemetery. He assured the family that the government would pursue the case against Hussain.

“The Philippine government will not allow the culprits to go scot-free. We will ensure that the family will get swift justice,” Bello added.

Bello also said he has reduced the deployment of overseas workers to Kuwait while they discuss how Dayag’s death affects Kuwait’s guarantee that Filipinos would be protected in their country.

The secretary has asked the Kuwait government to prohibit residents with a track record of abuse from employing Filipino workers.


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