Joy Belmonte: 4th QC vice mayor to become mayor

By Severino Samonte


 Do you know that Quezon City Mayor Joy G. Belmonte, aside from being the city’s second woman chief executive, is also the fourth vice mayor to eventually rule the erstwhile national capital city in 80 years?

Belmonte, who succeeded Mayor Herbert M. Bautista last July 1 after her election to her new post last May 13, was vice mayor from June 30, 2010, to June 30, 2019.

Bautista, who was popularly known by his moniker “Bistek” and was mayor from June 30, 2010, to June 30, 2019, was the third vice mayor to be elevated to the city’s highest elective post. He was vice mayor for four three-year terms–first to former Mayor Ismael A. Mathay Jr. from 1995 to1998 and then to Mayor Feliciano R. Belmonte Jr. from 2001 to 2010.

The late mayor Mathay was the second vice mayor to assume the post of mayor from June 30, 1992, to June 30, 2001. He was vice mayor from Jan. 1, 1968 to Dec. 30, 1971, to the late Mayor Norberto S. Amoranto (Jan. 1, 1954-March 31, 1976).

The first vice mayor to become mayor himself was Ponciano Bernardo, who was vice mayor of Mayor Tomas B. Morato, the city’s first city executive (1939-1942) appointed by Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon.

The present vice mayor of Quezon City is former Councilor Gian Carlo Sotto, son of Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III, who is himself a former QC vice mayor (1988-1992).

Meanwhile, the first woman mayor of the city was Adelina S. Rodriguez, wife of former Rizal Gov. Isidro Rodriguez. She ruled the city hall from 1976 to 1986.

According to the QC Council website, from Oct. 12, 1939, to June 30, 2019, there were 23 men and women who had served as vice mayor of the former capital city of the country, although some of them assumed the position only for a short term or in an acting capacity.

They were: Vicente Fragante (Oct. 12, 1939-Nov. 10, 1939); Ponciano Bernardo (Nov. 10, 1939-July 19, 1942); Matias Defensor (Dec. 24, 1946-Dec. 30, 1947); Gregorio Roxas (Jan. 1, 1948-April 28, 1949); Francisco Batacan (Sept. 9, 1949-Dec. 30, 1949); Luis Shianghio (Jan. 1, 1950-Dec. 30, 1953); Ysidro Guevarra (Jan. 1, 1954-Dec. 30, 1959); Vicente Novales (Jan. 1, 1960-Dec. 30, 1963); Mariano Sta. Romana (Jan. 1, 1964-Dec. 30, 1967; Ismael Mathay Jr. (Jan. 1, 1968-Dec. 30, 1971);

Carlos Albert (Jan. 1, 1972-Dec. 30, 1975); Ronald “Remy” Kookooritchin (Jan. 1., 1976-Jan. 30, 1980); Stephen Sarino (Jan. 30, 1980-April 14, 1986); Elmer Pormento (April 20, 1986-Dec. 7, 1987); Amado Zaballa (Dec. 8, 1987-Feb. 1, 1988); Vicente Sotto III (Feb. 2, 1988-Jan. 1, 1992); Alicia Herrera (Jan. 1, 1992-June 30, 1992); Charito Planas (Jan. 1, 1992-Jan. 23, 1995); Herbert Bautista (Jan. 24, 1995-April 6, 1998); Jorge Banal (April 7, 1998-June 30, 1998); Fe Consuelo “Connie” Angeles (June 30, 1998-June 30, 2001); Herbert Bautista (June 30, 2001-June 30, 2010); and Josefina Belmonte (June 30, 2010-June 30, 2019).

On the other hand, prior to Mayor Joy G. Belmonte, Quezon City had been ruled from 1939 to 2019 by 15 mayors, including five in an acting capacity. They were: Tomas B. Morato, Jorge Vargas, Leon Guinto, Ponciano Bernardo, Nicanor Roxas, Ignacio Santos Diaz, Norberto Amoranto, Adelina Rodriguez, Brigido Simon Jr. (two terms between 1986 and 1992), Reynaldo Bernardo, Elmer Pormento, Leoncio de Pedro, Ismael Mathay Jr., Feliciano Belmonte Jr., and Herbert Bautista. (PNA)


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