#JoinBTM of FEU High School: Broadcasting the True Message

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by Jomar Redubla

The Baby Tams Media or BTM Network is the only broadcasting organization of FEU High School, Manila. This Student Organization is composed of different Senior High School Students from different academic strands. Since the first year of operation of FEU High School, BTM has been the support organization to promote all school activities, announcements, and highlights in the form of broadcasting.

In the past 3 years of existence of BTM Network, it has already produced different college students who are now taking majors in Communication, Journalism, Literature, Advertising, Film, and among other courses. They feel that BTM is their training ground to mold themselves not only in broadcasting practices and principles but also holistically as a person. BTM trains students through different ways to develop their skills in decision-making, character, leadership, and communication. With this, students more become competent in doing productions, events management, leadership in different organizations, and specializations in their future careers. Since the members of BTM are Senior High School students, its goal is the same as the School and the Department of Education- to prepare the students ready for college and in life.

BTM network is now preparing to accept their new members for A.Y. 2019-2020. #JoinBTM now is the highlight of the organization’s story. Aside from the organization calling the attention of their future members, they are also calling the values that they will get available in BTM. The #JoinBTM promotion emphasizes that membership is not only their focus, but also to prepare themselves in the future service, to be competent, not competitive in the career that they are going to face, and to serve others without biases, as the BTM network motto says, “Broadcast the True Message.” BTM Network members are now pushing through all encouragements before June 19 (application schedule) that their incoming Grade-11 students will join them in their objectives in delivering the essentials and relevant messages of the society.

The BTM Network of FEU High School is asking your help, not to promote their legacy nor their social media accounts, but the revelation and value of truth behind all messages.


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