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IV of Spades Music Video features young talent, Zack Serrano

By Mizael Tilos



Local funk-rock band IV of Spades released a music video entitled “Bawat Kaluluwa” last January 20 as the starter of 2019, two days after surprising their fans with their debut album “CLAPCLAPCLAP!”

For the making of the Music Video of “Bawat Kaluluwa”, IV of Spades collaborated again with the people from Two Fold Media.

But IV of Spades Fans also asked about the boy who appeared on the music video, who is he?


The actor who played the role in the music video of “Bawat kaluluwa” is Zack Serrano.  He is now currently managed by Ogie Diaz, a talent handler and actor.

During the filming of the Music Video, what were the preparations made, ideas, and experiences on the set of “Bawat Kaluluwa”?

“If it’s about camera setting on the set and filming the shots on the first day, it didn’t take that long. Actually, we’ve arrived around 3 or 4 AM at Cupang, Antipolo City and I think the shoot started at 6:30 AM and finished at around 1 or 2 PM. The second day was the most hectic sequence and it took us the whole day to shoot because of the camera angles and light settings.  For the actual shoot, the director and I talked about ideas on what I was going to do, on how I interpret his blockings and the emotions that he needed for some specific shots.” Serrano said.

What is the music video about?

“To me, the music video wants to tell us that if we hit rock bottom, we slowly lift ourselves up. We focus on our purpose and try not to lose ourselves, our identity in this crazy world we are in. 

Share with us your experience on the shoot.

“It was really a great opportunity for me, and it was also a challenging experience because I had to tell a story thru non-verbal acting. I actually got into a little accident while filming. The scene – I am running, chasing someone and then I will trip on the log but I actually tripped on myself by accident because of the mud. It was a little injury but the production team helped me. I can say that the production was great and I  also had shared a lot of fun experiences with the crew/staff”.


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