Hong Kong airports continues operations after shutdown

By Nariyoung Kim

After closing down due to mass protests and riots during the past two days, Hong Kong’s airport decided to reopen and resume operations on Wednesday rescheduling multiple flights that were disrupted due to the violent demonstration.

Many of the protesters remained at the airport displaying their posters and messages to the tourists while the Airport staff cleaned the airport grounds from all the debris left during the riots.

The Chinese government has denounced the protesters showing extreme anger by calling their protests and demonstrations as ” acts of terrorism” due to the use of dangerous tools to attack the police.

Five people were arrested during the latest protests. The police were angered by the act of violence shown by the protesters overnight. The police stated that they had “harassed and assaulted a visitor and a journalist.” The protesters think otherwise, stating that one of those who was assaulted was a Chinese agent while the other was confirmed to be a reporter from China’s Global Times newspaper.

Michele Bachelet, United Nations human rights commissioner, urged authorities to show restraint and investigate evidence regarding the tear gas used at the protests which were banned by the International law.

After the overnight demonstration at the airport, the protesters gave their statements of apology in the airport by promising to let the passengers depart and by assisting the medical team in aiding the injured.




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