Bella Padilla expresses dismay over Grab driver who shared her address

By Dannah Jireh Paloyo


Bella Padilla shares her dismay after a driver of ride-hailing app Grab broadcasts on the radio where she lived on August 9.

It seems that the Grab driver got carried away with having the celebrity as his passenger that he couldn’t help sharing Bella’s address to his co-drivers.

This is a violation of the company’s policy on passenger safety and privacy, and something the ABS-CBN actress admitted to being an upsetting matter.

“This can’t possibly be right,” said Padilla in a tweet she posted, tagging the official Twitter handle of Grab Philippines.

Grab Philippines replied with an apology, saying that said incident “shouldn’t have happened,” also offering further investigation.

Bella, in an Instagram Live session also shared the incident, saying that she overheard the driver broadcasting her address over what she presumed to be the Grab radio channel, according to a report by ABS-CBN.

She said that she asked the driver as to why he did it but did not reveal the answer she was told.

Said act by the driver is punishable by law, as Grab Philippines has a strict policy about sharing passenger information outside Grab-related transactions.



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