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Behavioral Solutions to AIDS/HIV Infection

By: Hemmady S. Mora | Wired World Watch


“The problem you hate most, is the problem you are destined to solve, ” said Mike Murdoch in one of his inspirational books.

I hate the worsening problem on HIV/AIDS. It is claiming the lives of our young people and tearing families apart.

According to Setswe’s research, AIDS prevention programs in Africa and the developing world generally have become too focused on medical technology and drugs, but not enough on behavior. Since his study proved that evidence from other countries show that when faced with life-threatening danger, people can and will modify their behavior, once they are given the right information, in the right way, –then there is hope for humankind!

The ABC’s of AIDS prevention are all behavioral solutions:

“A” stands for “Abstinence” which is generally viewed as delaying sexual intercourse until some future time. Meanwhile  faith-based organizations (FBO’s) say it is a commitment to refrain from sexual intimacy until marriage. 

No matter what the definition may be, I am sure we would all agree, that if we push for abstinence as a solution, it would not be easy since it requires strong motivation, self-control and commitment. Still, it is considered doable.

Another behavioral solution is “B” which stands for “be faithful,” meaning practice fidelity in relationships. This is targeted at married couples and those in relationships as well, to encourage them to avoid the risks of infection.

Finally, “C” stands for the use of condoms – a preventive method that could save people’s lives by necessary precaution. It is always better to be cautious than regretful. 

All these behavioral solutions – the ABC’s are needed. 

In the Philippines, we need to strengthen the family and the couple’s vow of fidelity. If a partner decides to work abroad or afar, this should require honesty, consent and commitment on both parties.

On educating our children and the youth, we should learn to live by example. Parents, teachers and life-coaches all play major roles. Parents should know how to set reasonable rules and limits among their kids. A proper approach to discipline and sex education is also vital. Imparting positive values and encouraging Godliness would mean much to the future generation especially that young people nowadays are easily swayed by messages from the quad-media.

It’s never too late! If you hate AIDS/HIV as much as I do, start becoming a part of the answer to this problem! Be a good source of information and example for the behavioral solutions as well!


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