Baseco scholars benefit from social media literacy seminar

By Hemmady S. Mora

A group of junior high school scholars who are all residents of Baseco benefitted from a seminar organized by A Million Voices Philippines (AMV), a non-profit organization that operates in said area. 

Through its primary corporate sponsor Boldr, AMV conducted a Social Media Literacy Workshop for its scholars, morning of May 18, 2019,  at Hanston building, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 

Topics discussed were basic media literacy, discerning fake news, cyberbullying, financial and sexual exploitation on the internet, online grooming and how to prevent them.  Participants were also educated as to resources and authorities to look for when they feel victimized or attacked. Speakers were Ms. Eunice Agustin, Team Captain for Content Moderation at Boldr and Prof. Hemmady Mora, chairperson of the Journalism Department of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) and secretary of the Philippine Association for Media and Information Literacy (PAMIL). 

The participants took active part during the open forum,  inquiring and receiving counsel on their online experiences as they sought advice on their problems pertaining chat room encounters.

 This special activity is a part of the AMV program.  AMV is a foundation that grants comprehensive scholarships to needy Filipino youth so that they can attend schools, eat decent meals receive annual physical exams and grow to become equipped and productive individuals.


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