Photo credits: Zham & Karen Dela Paz-Libunao

Angel.  You would think she is a fallen angel when you see her for what she used to be: sick, skinny, dying and unwanted.

Angel. You would think she is an angelic creature disguised as a Shih Tzu when you see her now: robust and active, lovely and full of charm.

Angel. The couple who adopted her considers her to be heaven-sent.  They found her one day outside their house as though pleading for her life.  She was abandoned by her real owner for her condition. She was sick and dying from the cancer in her tummy.

Angel. The couple treated her as a gift from God.  Zham and Karen do not have kids yet. They selflessly gave of their own substance for the medical treatment and care of Angel up until she recovered. Through them, she found a second home and family.

Angel. Will there be Shih Tzu’s in heaven?  Who knows?  If her fur-parents are heaven-bound, why can’t she come with them?  After all, Angel goes to church with Zham and Karen who are also actively serving God in the worship ministry.

From darkness into light.  We often see ourselves in what Angel has gone through.  We too might have experienced rejection, sickness, and misery.  But the situation simply leads us to a greater blessing – of finding hope, love, healing and second chances.


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